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Grote rozijnen geel

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    Large yellow raisins, with their characteristic size and sunny color, are obtained by carefully drying grapes. The result is a firm, juicy delicacy with a wonderfully sweet taste. These raisins add a delicious dimension to various dishes, both sweet and savory.

    These large raisins are a beloved addition to baked goods such as cakes, cookies, muffins and bread, where they deliver a juicy texture and sweet flavor. They also bring extra flavor and crunchy texture to breakfast cereals, muesli, salads and rice dishes.

    In addition to their versatility in the kitchen, large yellow raisins also serve as a nutritious snack on their own. Rich in natural sugars, fiber, vitamins and minerals, they provide a healthy and tasty snack.

    Please note that the term “large raisin yellow” may not be an official name, but rather a description of its properties. Commercially, they may also be known as “golden raisins” or “sultana raisins,” and the specific ingredients may vary depending on the recipe and application.



    Extra information:

    • Origin: Dried grapes with a yellow color
    • Applications: Baking products, breakfast cereals, muesli, salads, rice dishes
    • Nutritional value: Rich in natural sugars, fiber, vitamins and minerals
    • Use: As a snack or versatile ingredient in various dishes


    • Large raisins yellow: Main ingredients, dried grapes with a yellow color
    • Optional ingredients: Depending on the recipe, other ingredients may be required such as flour, butter, sugar, eggs, spices, etc.


    • “Large yellow raisins” may not always be a specific name in the trade and may be available under other names such as “golden raisins” or “sultana raisins.” The ingredients and proportions may vary depending on the recipe followed.